3 Morning Prayers, and Why I Commit to Pray Them

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UPDATE: (July 21, 2017) Because of the excellent response I’ve had on this post, I’ve decided to continue to write more prayers. Many of you are hungry to learn to pray. I recently launched a new eBook, Abiding Joy (30 Prayers from Joy Let Loose) that you can grab right here!


3 Morning Prayers and Why I Commit to Pray Them

Sometimes I need to be reminded to pray. As I start the morning, and move into all the day holds, it is easy to forget I’m not in it alone, that I don’t have to do it all by myself. So I wrote some morning prayers to help.

 It’s also easy to underestimate the possibility of participating fully in life on this earth, and finding the joy within it all. Because prayer is a lifeline, a direct line to the Author of the universe, and the One who is intimately acquainted with our hearts. These encounters with God remind us Who God is, and who He’s forming each of us to be. And morning prayers help us to head into the day, remembering that there is always more happening than what we can see, and it is a trust-fall into the sure arms of a strong God.


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It is important to learn to pray – it doesn’t exactly come naturally. That Jesus taught His disciples to pray is a good indicator that it might be a learned thing. His model of prayer in Matthew 6 is an awesome springboard to learn some important elements of connecting with God. Studying and praying the prayers of others (ancient or modern) and planning or writing out our own words can help us to learn to pray with depth and richness, rather than just stumbling over repetitive clichés. And the more we practice our prayers, infusing them with the truth of Scripture, the more easily we will pray meaningful, spontaneous prayers as life events occur. So we won’t feel lost for words, wondering what to say, but instead we will find joy in the communication.

I’ve written three morning prayers that I plan to use each day, as part of my  Morning Joy Challenge. And there are several reasons I want to incorporate these into my life as I begin each day:

1) They are reminders of the three Persons of the Trinity, each with His own role in their union, and in my life. This will help me not to only focus my attention on one part of the Godhead, and will help to increase my perspective of God. 

2) They will help to weave Scriptural themes into my prayers.

3) They will build my confidence in God’s active involvement in my day to day life because He has placed His Spirit within me.

So, on our journey toward joy, I invite you to join me by incorporating these morning prayers into your routine. 

God, the Father

Psalm 103, Lamentations 3, Psalm 18, Psalm 57, Psalm 28

As you pray to God, the Father, allow yourself to be awed by the mystery of a God outside of time and space, who holds the universe within the span of His hand. He can breathe out stars, cause mountains to rise up from the ocean, and form a pathway of dry land through the center of the sea. Yet, He is called Abba, a good Father to His children that cannot forget His love for you, whose name is engraved on His hands. There is incredible mystery to our immortal, invisible God. So let’s not forget it and assume our God, whose ways are infinitely higher than our own, is on our level.

Jesus, God’s Son

Romans 8, Hebrews 4, Hebrews 7, Colossians 3, 2 Corinthians 10

Christ is the center of my life. Fully God, yet fully man, Jesus tasted the dust and the tears of earth and walked the road of temptation, remaining victorious. He took all of my darkness and sin into Himself on an ugly cross; His blood became my rescue, and His life is now mine. Christ is now seated at the right hand of God, and I am His co-heir. That’s astounding! I am reminding myself each day that Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, is the center of everything. He is my Redeemer and my King.

The Holy Spirit

Matthew 5, Galatians 5, Joshua 1, Romans 8

The Holy Spirit, poured out on all believers, has ignited my spirit and made me alive in Christ. He is at work in me, transforming me to be more like Jesus. This is the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus up from the dead! I don’t want to forget for an instant that His power is my strength. Because of this Spirit, I can know the truth, and I can walk freely and confidently in it. And I can accomplish even greater things than the original disciples saw when they moved in His power on the earth. This prayer will be my reminder early each day.

I hope you choose to keep pursuing joy, and to join me by praying these morning prayers each day. If you do, please comment about how you are using them, and how they are impacting your life. 

If you have trouble remembering to pray each morning , I’d invite you to create your own custom wall art of one of my prayers. Write it on your walls, and then on your heart as you pray it each day. Make my prayers your own morning prayers. If you do, I’d love to see your pictures!

If you think there are others who might want to seek greater joy in their lives, why not invite them along with us by sharing and pinning this site?

3 Morning Prayers and Why I Commit to Pray Them

Elizabeth Joy

18 thoughts on “3 Morning Prayers, and Why I Commit to Pray Them”

  1. Will be using them in my morning devotions. They are beautifully written Elizabeth. I love the scriptural structure of them. They are very meaningful and a source of strength. Thank you.

  2. This is the beginning of an answered prayer of mine. God knows I am truly grateful for all of His blessings in my life but I do not say it to Him enough. I was never good with words as I stumble through talking to just about anyone. I want to learn to pray better so that I can gain the confidence to pray better aloud and for others. Perhaps God showed me this today as a step in the right direction. Thank you, Elizabeth. Thank you, God.

    1. You have no idea how happy this makes me, Sabrina! ❤ I’ll pray for you on this journey, and hope you always feel free to reach out to me for encouragement, support or a listening ear. Love you, cousin!!

  3. Thank you Elizabeth for writing your blog. I find it very informative and interesting and helpful. I plan to tell other folks at PIWC.

  4. Thank you for these prayers. I have been thur alot last year on into this year. My faith has been tested. I am taking everything one day at a time these days. The prayers are refreshing to me. Thank you God bless you.

    1. I’m so glad these prayers are refreshing to you, Carrie. There’s no one who knows better how to walk with you through difficulty than the Lord, and He so wants you to depend on Him every minute. Blessings and prayers for grace for you today.

  5. Wow. Oh, wow.
    Elizabeth… These are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them and pointing me to how indescribable our God truly is. I’ve always loved the verse about Him breathing out the stars. What an awesome, holy King we serve. Thank you for encouraging me today. Sharing this on Pinterest! 🙂

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