Friday Fun: It’s the Little Things (My New Joy Blend!)

Today’s a great day for a joy blend. It’s a little cool and dreary outside. The Friday tornado siren practice is back in full swing for the season. If those things want to scream out this morning with their warning rehearsal, I think maybe joy should outdo it. What do you say?

 Friday Fun

Today I’m introducing to you Friday Fun. The topic of joy, and pursuing a joyful life can (at times) be daunting and large. There are just so many things in our world that try to drown out our joy. So, diligently chasing after the joy we were designed for is a big deal. And I’m okay with that. (Hence, articles like this and this!) But much of our joy can be found in the little things too. The little things we sometimes overlook. The small moments we sometimes are too rushed to perceive.

Enter Friday Fun! What if, each Friday at  Joy Let Loose, we simply slowed down to look at one little thing that can bring joy to us during the coming weekend? After all, joy is found and expressed in laughter and little moments. So, on Fridays, be watching for ideas for activities or recipes, conversation starters or gifts, home ideas, getaways or games. 


Friday Fun - Joy Blend


Joy Blend

Over the last several months, I’ve been learning more about essential oils. I launched into a new world when I got a diffuser for my birthday. I’m a newbie, but have experimented with blends for focus & energy, relaxation, mood enhancement, and respiratory health. I’ve learned some great uses for Tea Tree oil, Peppermint, and Frankincense. 

But on this dreary Friday morning, I discovered an awesome new  joy blend  that I think is one of my new favorites. In each of my diffusers, I used 4 drops of grapefruit, 3 drops of bergamot, and 3 drops of ylang ylang.

  • GRAPEFRUIT Essential Oil is widely popular for its many benefits, including helping with circulation and digestion, reducing sugar cravings and candida. As an aromatic, it is reduces stress, improves focus, and has a positive impact on mood.
  • Bergamot essential oil is another citrus, often used to help indigestion, muscle tension and headaches. As an aromatic, it is an anti-depressant, and it helps to relieve anxiety.
  • Ylang ylang, from the yellow flower of a large (beautiful!) tree, improves immune and cardiovascular health. As an aromatic, it increases energy and helps lower blood pressure.

Fun Friday Joy Blend

Reduced stress + improved focus + positive mood enhancement + anxiety relief + anti-depressant + increased energy + lower blood pressure = definitely worth trying out this Fun Friday! 

 Joy Blend on the Go!!

We are house-hunting these days. Now, I love house-hunting, but when you look at dozens and dozens in the span of a few days, sometimes you start going a little squirrelly. And I decided yesterday that I need some joy on the go. So I picked up something like this! It’s an itty-bitty essential oil diffuser for my car. I’m taking joy on the road with me now as I house shop ’til I drop. The verdict is still out on its effectiveness. But on its trial run last night, I’d say it was helping! 

Thanks for joining me for Friday Fun! It really is the little things, and Fridays are for staying simple and light. My new joy blend is wafting through my house as I write, and I hear the levity in my homeschool teens’ moods even now. So I think it’s working. 🙂

Have an awesome Friday, and a joyful weekend!

Elizabeth Joy





7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: It’s the Little Things (My New Joy Blend!)”

  1. Oh man I need to try! ! I was literally just thinking about Kiley (and her upcoming graduation) and how she has taught me to slow down and enjoy the beauty in the everyday. We used to HAVE to stop beside the road to pick a wild flower that she spotted. When asked what her favorite color was, she’d say “all the colors of the rainbow” and then her eyes would sparkle. I’m reminding myself once again to practice this. Also listen to this oldie but goodie song: How Could I Ask for More, by Cindy Morgan. Love you Elizabeth! !!

    1. Dawn, you taught me to love going slow with my little girls–to enjoy the days of nowhere to go, no rush to follow a schedule, and to just be with my girls. You opened my eyes to the joy that can be found in the show days of young kiddos. We were walking in the mall and I kept apologizing for a very slow toddler. Thank you for that!

  2. Kiley is a wise girl, like her Mama 😊. Maybe tomorrow you will see a wildflower along the road just waiting to be picked and to make your eyes sparkle. 🌸

  3. I like this! I’ve been trying to enjoy my girls’ “littleness” more often. It just seems like time is going too quickly… And they’re growing so fast. But I love to notice the little things that will be gone before I know it. Like how Claire can’t pronounce her C’s, even in her name (“Tlaire”, pronounced as clearly as she can). And how Joanna will just put her arm around her sister for no reason. It definitely brings joy.

    1. I love that! And I have amazing snapshot memories of my kiddos when they were that small too. I’ve discovered that stopping to be in the moment with the kids doesn’t end as they get older, either. When I pause and look for it, joy is there.

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