Finding Joy in the Unexpected by Thinking Outside the Box

Finding Joy in the UnexpectedI’ve been looking for it all year, but I seem lately to be finding  joy in the unexpected by thinking outside the box. When I first started to write for Joy Let LooseI think I tethered it to something I believed it ought to be. I’m a believer in Jesus, and I believe our joy is found in God. And I wanted everything I wrote to be a proof text of that.

God = Joy, so I thought that  Joy Let Loose must be very specifically tied to Scriptural truth in the form of passages, devotions, prayers etc. I have loved every piece I have written here for you over the last year, and all of these things are GOOD.

Finding Joy in the Unexpected

But God has been nudging at me to open my peripheral vision a bit. I think He’s inviting me to pull my head out of the pages just a little, and to get outside of my mind a bit. I think He is asking me to unwrap the gift of joy that He shares through the tangible world around me, in people, laughter, health, and beauty.


And I’m wrestling with this. In fact, I’ve resisted publishing anything on Joy Let Loose for several weeks because I’m finding joy in the unexpected, and I don’t know how to tell you about it.

Please Pray?

So, dear readers, would you please pray? I want to respond well to the Lord, and continue finding  joy in the unexpected by looking outside the box. I might be writing about some different kinds of things in the future. But it will be amidst the same kinds of pieces I’ve been writing all along. And this may seem bigger to me than it will for you, but I still would love your prayers moving forward.

Where are you finding  joy these days?

Elizabeth Joy