Why Joy?

Hey there! So glad you could join me…pull up a chair and a mug. I thought maybe we could get to know each other a bit and see if we might joy-journey together. On December 8th, a handful of years ago, I was born and given a name. My name is Elizabeth, and my middle name is Joy.

Elizabeth – consecrated to God, the fullness of God, or my God is bountiful.

Joy – well… joy. 🙂

Run those together and you could say my parents chose to set me apart for God’s joy. Or you could see that the fullness of God is joy, and that God is abundant in joy.

Thank you Mom and Dad! XO

But here is the catch: I’ve struggled with melancholy much of my life, finding myself reticent to experience strong emotions, unexplainably aloof, and sometimes envious of the abundance of joy that is apparent in others. I believe there is more for me than this.

So I’ve made the decision to take the journey towards joy. I’m claiming my name as a life purpose, and I’m embracing a direction forward towards a life of joy so full it overflows. And I want to let it loose – I want to share this journey with you. I don’t think I’m alone in my desire to live with greater joy. I believe you want to live joyfully too, and to leave a lasting impact on the people around you.

It will be no secret that I live a life of faith in Jesus Christ. If you do too – awesome. If you don’t – also awesome. All are welcome on this trek, but I want you to expect that Jesus will also be joining us.

I don’t exactly have a map for this journey, so I’ll need you to be brave and perhaps a little crazy if you want to come along. I’ll be storying, linking, interviewing, praying, photographing, singing, and in general just looking for joy in all of the small and big stuff of life. I know it’s there, and I want it. I want it for you too, so I hope you choose to come along.

Let’s let it loose!

Elizabeth Joy

About Elizabeth

I am a Christ follower, wife of 20 years to Scott, mother to three incredible teenagers (Mackenzie, Morgan and Grace), worship leader, writer and songwriter. I’m Canadian by birth, but recently transplanted to Indiana. Surprised by the grace of Jesus 19 years ago, He keeps surprising me regularly – leading me to unexpected places, calling me to things I could never do apart from Him, and renovating me from the inside out.

I love my family like crazy, fresh air (inside and out!), the ocean, bare feet in grass, sun on my skin, very hot coffee in large pottery mugs, and friendships that turn into sisterhood. I love correctly spelled words, igniting the senses with rich and vivid images that awaken the imagination, personifying inanimate objects and ideals, and really long sentences that sound like you are about to run out of breath. I write words because the Living Word has been imprinted on my life and heart, and because I believe that the Lord can miraculously breathe life on the words of His children to reveal His nature and His love. I also believe wholeheartedly that we should shout His grace from the rooftops by telling and re-telling the things He has done. Because God stories let loose are perfect stories.

I created  Joy Let Loose because I want my life to be that. 

And I want you to join me!

Elizabeth Joy