Friday Fun: It’s the Little Things (Try Some New Fonts!)

Do you like to play around with new fonts? It’s been a while since I’ve put out a Friday Fun post at  Joy Let Loose. I’ve been too busy moving into our new place, and then having fun on vacation with my family. 🙂 But we’re back, and Friday is here, so let’s have some fun today, shall we? Because, it’s often the little things in life that bring us the most joy.

*You’ll see some affiliate links in this post, which means that I will earn a small percentage if you click one and make a purchase. But don’t worry, I’ve been checking out these links, and think you’ll love them!


When I was a little girl (before fonts were really a thing…) I used to doodle a lot, writing and re-writing my name until I perfected my signature. I loved trying new ways of styling my letters. Thankfully, this helped me to develop good penmanship.

Unfortunately, penmanship isn’t as important in our now-digital world. It seems many kids don’t even learn it in school anymore. That’s crazy to me! However, it is what it is, and we learn to adapt.

So, remember one Friday when I suggested we Write Our Thanks? I hope you found someone you could do that for. But I bet some of you are hesitant to do handwritten notes because your penmanship might not be up to snuff these days. But, even if you don’t prefer to  write by hand,  you can always send digital thank-you’s to people in your life. 

Try New Fonts

Enter the world of fonts. (Thank you, Steve Jobs!)

New Fonts HungryJpegI recently discovered an awesome collection of fonts and graphic packs at The HungryJPeg , and since I’ve been downloading some new fonts, I’ve had SO MUCH FUN! 

Not only can I add more variety to the fonts in my blog posts at  Joy Let Loose, but I can use them on digital cards, in emails, and other places where I’d like to improve a digital message. It’s like adding a little human-ness back into the world of typefaces. So, since I’ve been playing around with the font package I picked up this week at TheHungryJPEG, I thought I’d share it with you. I’ve been pretty impressed with the number and variety of fonts and graphic packs you can get for low prices!

Whether you enjoy pretty packages or Christmas bundles, there seems to be something for everyone. And the great news is, ThehungryJPEG often offers seasonal specials and FREE or $1 packages! And beyond that, they can help you find some fantastic photos, as well as some stunning new WordPress themes. Truly, they offer something for everyone!

It’s Friday, so why not play around with some  new fonts today, and let some joy loose? Have some Friday fun making creative designs and inviting new fonts into your life. And why not let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below?? I’d love to hear how your Friday goes! 



Elizabeth Joy